The Sound Solution is a Multi-Track Digital Music Production Facility located in the heart of St. John's Newfoundland.

We specialize in full-length commercial recording production as well as cd mastering, demo, sound for film and jingle production. Many local releases are mastered here, see the client list below.

With the latest in new recording equipment and finely tuned production rooms, The Sound Solution can deliver high quality professional audio production right here at home. As one of the leading local mastering facilities, we work closely with local duplication representatives to ensure seamless transition from studio to retail ready files and product.

For Rates, bookings, or more info...

Phone: 709.689.5580

Sound Solution is an MIANL approved member studio.

The Studio Gear List:

    •    Tascam DM3200 (digi ADAT I/O and spdif)
    •    Alesis Masterlink Master CD Recorder
    •    Fostex D5 Dat Master Recorder
    •    Technics Cassette Recorder
    •    Presonus Monitor Station and Behringer Headphone distribution- Headphones by AKG,Beyer,Senheiser,KRK, others.
    •    Mics: Neumann KM-184, Neumann TLM 67, Microtech Geffel m930, Telefunken AR51, Shure SM7,57,58,86 AT Atm25 and others.
    •    Preamp: Grace 101Mic Pre(2) Focusrite ISA ONE(4), Octopre, Great River MP1, Golden Age Pre73(2)
    •    Outboard: Monster Power conditioner, Furman PL8, APC BackUPS, RNP compressor, GAP Neve style compressor.
    •    Monitors: Focal Solo6 Be, Genelec 1030 with sub, Adam A5 with sub, all calibrated.
    •    Instruments: Fender Stratocasters and Telecaster, Martin 000-16 and D35 Acoustics,  Santa Cruz DH Acoustic,Foley Bouzouki, Carrigan Mandolin, Custom-made 5 string electric Bass, Roland V-DRUMS Custom Set, Roland Phatom XA Keyboard/MIDI
    •    DAW: DELL WS/16GB RAM. SSD drives. External Backup storage, LAN.  Sound Forge 10, UAD Solo (4) and Focusrite VST firewire. Various VST and virtual instruments. Sonar X3 Producer, Reaper, Sonoris DDP creator.


The Bluedrop: Greater Things
Graham Wells and Dave Clark
Matthew Byrne: Hearts ands Heroes
Matthew Byrne: Ballads
Aaron Collis and Emilia Bartellas
Ennis Sisters: Stages
The Ennis Sisters: Its Christmas
Ennis: The Fortunate Ones
Shanneyganock: Rockin on the Water
Shanneyganock: Tribute to The McNulty Family
Shaneyganock: Live on George Street
Shanneyganock: Vol VII
Arthur O'Brien: Self Titled
The Mercers: This Island
Connemara: Near and Distant Shores
Rufus Guinchard: Fathers of NF Fiddle Vol 1
Gravel Pit Campers: A Glimpse
Pamela Morgan: On a Wing and a Prayer
The Punters: Self Titled
The Dogberries: Sun and Games
Christina Smith/Jean Hewson: Like Ducks!
Christina Smith/Jean Hewson: August Gale (2005)
Vince Collins: Lift out the Stove
We Will Remain
Jason Whelan: Blur
Various: Island to Island
Gerald S Doyle Documentary: Regarding Our Father

Numerous other demo, corporate, soundtrack or agency projects.

Whether demo, full length commercial CD release, jingle, documentary or mastering and editing, The Sound Solution can meet your needs and budget.

Contact for info / quotes.


Matthew Byrne
Aaron Collis and Emilia Bartellas
Dust Radio
Adam McGrath and The Tearjerkers
Corey Pike
Sean McCann
Colleen Power
Sean Sullivan and Rob Slaney
Eastern Passage
Andrew Ledrew
The Blue Drop
The Dunne Family
Lisa Gillam/Munchkin Music
Mark Lawrence
Mary Barry
The Once
Maria Sue Roberts
The Ennis Sisters
The Dardanelles
The Freels
Vince Collins
Tony Lambe
Bob MacDonald
Graham Wells/Dave Clark
Island to Island
Graham Wells
Ed Caddigan
Glen Leyte
Gayle Tapper
Middle Tickle
Paddy Keenan
Jim Joyce
The Punters
Snotty Var
We Will Remain
Arthur O'Brien
Sobeys Summer Compilation
Pigeon Inlet Productions

Numerous other Mastering projects.