Connection is done!

So... last few mix tweaks are done- amazing what a word or single note will do once it starts to grate on ya... if I heard it I think I fixed it by now.. and with that said- off to have my CD mastered tomorrow! Should be back by Dec 14 or 15. I will get the Indiegogo supporters their copies asap (either local or post). I also had a few requests for a pre-purchase copy directly - 20 bucks to me via online interac or paypal and I'll make sure ya get one by xmas! Thx to everyone who helped me bring this project along- Billy Sutton, Chris Ledrew, Matthew Byrne and the awesome musicians who played on the record: (above) plus Aaron Collis, Jack Daw, Emilia Bartellas, Michael Walsh, Paul Kinsman, Denis Parker, Jamie Dart, Colleen Power, Ward Pike, Brian Feltham,Bob Hallet, Darrell Power, Fergus Brown O'Byrne and Paddy Mackey. Special thanks to Scott Hammond, Spencer Crewe, Justin Merdsoy and Billy S for lending an ear- literally. Now to get the smell of studio of me for xmas. Cheers!