Alas for the ides of September are upon us.

Mid point of month. Mid point of my studio tan. I need to work on my back as I have been sitting in the same chair for about 80 hrs now, except to play drums, which has a stool. Drummers call it a throne, but that is also a toilet. So.... on that note, just an hr ago finished my bed tracks. That means hopefully I am done with the mundane task of playing the same 4 note pattern 100000 times. Now I can do more fun stuff like have awesome musicians play on the recording and I can be all producery and stuff. Also signed on the twitter platform, (since all versions of jw,jdub etc were taken, I am kookybouzouki) which will be a challenge as this post is already about 400% of a tweet limit.... Will try to keep this updated as the project continues, and thanks all for the support on indiego and all of your interest in general....