So... some good movement on the cd project. Musician and photo ninja Chris Ledrew came by earlier in the week and we got some great macro-lens closeup photos for the cd artwork, which is being done by musician and graphic ninja Matthew Byrne. (Lot of martial artists here).

I have finished 90% of my stuff (except vocals) and this week will start the parade of talent that will help me out on the recording- and I have some of the best to work with luckily: Paul Kinsman, Aaron Collis, Emilia Bartellas, Jack Daw, Fergus Brown O'Byrne, Billy Sutton, Paddy Mackey, Bob Sutherby, Michael Walsh,  Denis Parker and a few others are all going to be doing sessions with me in the next 3 weeks or so. Once done, I'll do vocals and some stuff like percussion and then we'll be done recording and then move on to mixing, which will take about 2 weeks or so. Gonna be a busy month or so, but good busy....not that other kind of busy.